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Those interested in submitting doctrinally sound outlines, articles, audio sermons or information you would like to contribute to this site may E-mail them to us for review. All content will be reviewed prior to publication for content and scriptural soundness.

Welcome to the web home of Mike Collier. We live in a day and age where there is little emphasis on doing things in one correct way. This site is designed to try to illuminate the truth of God’s Holy Word in regards to our worship, Bible study, and the way we live our lives. I hope you will find this site helpful to you in three ways: (1) That God will be glorified through our study and exploration of His word, (2) That it will open a dialogue that will enable us to put away fallacies and return to simple 1st century Christianity, and (3) more people will come to a knowledge of God’s will and become heirs in His kingdom!

God’s Plan

God has a plan! He has a plan for all aspects of our lives, physical and eternal. He has given His Son whereby we may be saved. He has given us a plan that leads to that salvation! He has also given us a plan for our worship of Him. Finally, He has given us a plan which allows us to live our lives daily in service to and in glorification of Him. For more information on God’s plan for you…CLICK HERE!

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A Bible Correspondence Course is available.

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I encourage you to visit Walking In Sunlight at for a wonderful new series of Bible Study curriculum for our young people in grades 3-12


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